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These instructions cover installing the sleeve over the thigh strap. Triangle sleeve installation instructions are here.

If the sleeve simply slides over the blunt rectangular shape of the buckle on the leg loop, there is no need to remove the other part of the buckle as these instructions detail. But if simply sliding the sleeve over this part of the buckle is too tedious, use these instructions to remove the other part of the buckle from the triangular router, close the buckle, and use the rounded end of the removed part as a ramp for the sleeve to ease over as you feed it onto the leg leash.

Garter Disassembly

  1. After removing the girth hitch from the Enigma faceplate, pull the girth hitch loop out of the triangular router to free the plastic buckle, as shown below.

2. Remove the plastic buckle.

Thigh Strap Sleeve Installation

  1. Close the buckle so the sleeve has a smooth, round surface to slide onto.

2. Feed the sleeve onto the buckle and thigh strap.

Garter Reassembly

  1. With the strap closed, ensure that there are no twists in the strap and that the flat part of the buckle is on the inside of the loop and will then lay against your skin.

Push the girth hitch loop through the buckle it was removed from. For ease of adjustment once worn, I recommend passing the loop from the flat side of the buckle through to the curved side to leave the girth hitch section away from your body.

Tip: putting a small twist in the very tip of the loop before inserting it through the buckle will help it go through the small hole. Alternately, something small like a bobby pin in the crease of the loop will make pushing it into the hole in the buckle easier.

3. Re-thread the girth hitch loop through the triangular router, first through the same hole the strap exits (making a loop, the center of which is the buckle you just put back on the strap), and then through the empty hole at the top.

Tip: a twist in the tip of the strap, or something like a bobby pin may help push the loop through the small holes in the triangular router.

Leg Leash Installation on Enigma Faceplate with Holster

Reattach the leg leash to the Enigma faceplate. A small bend in the tip as shown below makes it easy to push the loop up through the slot in the faceplate with holster still in place. As you pull the strap through the loop making the girth hitch, note what the final placement of the buckle will be, so the flat part rests against your leg. If it’s inside out, remove the strap from the loop, flip the girth hitch loop 180 degrees, and retry.

Triangular Router Sleeve Installation

Feed both sides of the buckle through the triangular sleeve starting from the top hole. push each side to its respective hole at the bottom of the sleeve, pull the strap through, and feed the triangular router into the sleeve.



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