Express Papoose

Premium fabric sleeve for the PHLster Enigma Express. Made from highly abrasion resistant, 4-way stretch 520E Durastretch nylon Tweave, this comfort mod will completely change the feel of your Enigma.


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Express Papoose

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The Express Papoose goes on the PHLster Enigma Express, surrounding and smoothing over rough edges that may cause discomfort. It is made from a premium fabric and comprises a pistol pouch and belt sleeve.

The Conventional Papoose is in significantly higher demand, so the OEM is focusing on getting it into production. Once production is underway, we’ll start working out the final details to get the Lightbearing Papoose onto the production floor.

The Express Papoose is made out of 520E Durastretch® Nylon Tweave, which was engineered for 4-way stretch, superior durability, and abrasion resistance. Tweave’s gentle coarseness gives it just enough friction against skin to help keep the belt from riding up the back while enhancing comfort.

NOTE: Because this is a synthetic material, it will melt when exposed to high temperatures. If your holster does not cover the muzzle and/or comp, DO NOT reholster a hot gun until the muzzle and/or comp returns to room temperature.

Please use the custom order page if you need a Papoose made from a natural fabric, or one made to accommodate a pouch mounted next to your holster on the faceplate.

Once you’ve received your Papoose, watch this video for installation instructions.

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