The Bumster

“The Bumster” is an alternative to the stock garter and leg leash, which runs between the legs and connects to the back of the Enigma belt.


The Bumster

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“The Bumster” is an alternative to the stock garter and leg leash. It connects to the garter slot on the PHLster Enigma faceplate and runs between your legs, up your glute following the panty line, and attaches to the Enigma belt. You might benefit from The Bumster if:

  • you often wear shorts that are short enough to reveal the stock leg leash,
  • the stock leg leash causes chafing,
  • the stock leg leash frequently falls down, even after repeated sizing adjustments, or
  • you are unable to wear the stock leg leash because you wear a prosthetic device.

Because of the intimate nature of its intended wear, please carefully read the following to determine if The Bumster is right for you and what size to select.

The Bumster comes sized in 3″ increments to keep extra strap length minimal. To determine which size you need, while wearing your Enigma please measure from the faceplate slot down between your legs, and up to the top of the belt where you plan on attaching the Bumster (we recommend placing it on the meaty part of the hip behind the bone, but some people choose to wear it straight up the back, thong-style), leaving about 2″ of slack. Placing the belt attachment about 1″ behind the hip bone tends to best prevent the strap from working its way out of the crease at the top of the leg with normal movement throughout the day.

If you don’t have a soft tape measure available, use the stock leash, a belt, or about 3 ft of string. Hold the places where your marks land, then straighten it out next to a ruler. If you’re between sizes, select the next size up.

Add 3″ to your measurement if you plan to use the Sport Belt in the future.

The Bumster consists of an adjustable strap and a loop (that can either girth hitch to the faceplate just like the stock leg leash, or slide onto the belt) connected by a heavy duty snap. The non-snap end forms a closed loop by using a triglide.

We cannot guarantee you will find The Bumster comfortable because of the intimate area it is to be worn across, but we have gotten best results wearing it with about 2 inches of slack. If you don’t initially find it comfortable, we strongly encourage you to shift the belt attachment along your back or to the other hip to find the most comfortable fit, especially if the strap starts rubbing the inside of your thigh raw.

Men may find it most comfortable wearing it cross-body (if your Enigma is set up for right handed use and the leg leash is attached to the right slot on the faceplate, keeping this attachment place for The Bumster, attach the belt end to the left hip). FAQ: Does the Bumster pinch male anatomy? No, it sits perfectly right behind it.

Women may find it most comfortable keeping the belt attachment on the same side as the faceplate attachment, or straight up the back side, similar to how thong underwear is worn.

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